The Counter: 1960


Three "woke" Black  students from 2017 find themselves seated at a Lunch Counter in 1960.

Will they be served?

Still Photography by Rowena Husbands



Ashley Jackson

Co-Writer, Actress, Co-Producer
Ashley Jackson is a multitalented actress and writer, known for The Counter 1960 (2018) and A Kid Called Mayonnaise (2017). Previously known as “AJae,” Ashley is also a recording artist and songwriter (singer/rapper). At a very young age, Ashley set her sights on a professional career in the entertainment industry. Her stage persona was birthed out of performances in plays and at venues such as Carnegie Hall and Disneyland. 

Born to active parents in the political arena and the academy, Ashley's upbringing afforded her experiences that enhance her storytelling abilities. At 18-years-old, her journey as an artist has continued to evolve; as she shares her perspective through the mediums of film, television, and music. While “The Counter: 1960” is her first release as a screenwriter, Ashley is in pre-production on several thought-provoking stories she looks to introduce to a broad audience. Her interests in human trafficking, gender equality, and education inform her most-recent writings. 

Her mission is to challenge her generation to expand their consciousness and understanding, while simultaneously uplifting and inspiring them. Not only is Ashley dedicated to her craft and to her peers, but also to her scholarly pursuits. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Film with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Her commitment to sharing stories about social justice and activism is supported by her minors in African American Studies and Gender Studies. Armed with a fresh sound and important perspective, Ashley Jackson is determined to fuse her intellectual and artistic abilities to contribute to positive change in society.

Tracy "Twinkie" Byrd

Director, Casting Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer
Director's Statement:

"The Counter: 1960 is a passion project for me, spurred by the observation that our youth seem to think the past and present are in no way connected. With this short film, I hope to spark a dialog that shifts that misconception. 

I have built a reputation in this business as a Casting Director, for films such as "Fruitvale Station, Fig, Filly Brown & Southside With You", and worked with Directors such as, Ryan Coogler, Richard Tanne & Michael Olmos. After a decade of quietly nurturing my own creative eye, I am now expanding my focus to the Director's chair.  

In doing so, my aim is to help cultivate a conversation bridge between races and generations, on diversity, equality, change, and inclusion in Hollywood and around the world. As my artistic energies continue to spawn a varied body of work, it is my hope that I will be making a significant contribution toward shifting perceptions toward a better world for all."

Grace & Peace  

Tracy "Twinkie" Byrd  
Director - The Counter: 1960


Still Photography by Rowena Husbands